Hot Jazz 1920's


Hot Jazz 1920's


Direct from Joe's Basement - new CD's of some of Joe's favorite recordings, a lifelong lover and promoter of old-time music.

1.   Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds of Joy - Casey Jones Special

2.  Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds of Joy - Cloudy

3.  Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds of Joy - Corky Stomp

4.  Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds of Joy - Froggy Bottom

5.  Tony Parenti's New Orleanians - You Make Me Like It Baby

6.  Tony Parenti's New Orleanians - Gumbo

7.  Anthony Parenti's Famous Melody Boys - That's A Plenty

8.  Parenti's Liberty Syncopators - Weary Blues

9.  Parenti's Liberty Syncopators - African Echoes

10.  Parenti's Liberty Syncopators - New Crazy Blues

11.  Parenti's Liberty Syncopators - Up Jumped The Devil

12. Boyd Senter and His Senterpedes - Copenhagen Stomp

13. Boyd Senter and His Senterpedes - Beale Street Blues

14.  Boyd Senter and His Senterpedes - Wabash Blues

15.  Matt Britt and His Orchestra - Goose Creek Stomp

16.  Phil Baxter and His Orchestra - I Ain't Got No Gal Now

17.  Marlow Hardy and His Alabamians - Georgia Pines

18.  Luis Russell and His Orchestra - The (New) Call Of The Freaks

19.  Luis Russell and His Orchestra - Doctor Blues

20.  Luis Russell and His Orchestra - Feeling The Spirit

21.  Snooks and The Memphis Ramblers - Sweet Georgia Brown

22.  Douglas Williams - Slow Death


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